Barbara Loth. Lawyer. Former Labour Court Judge.

Labour law for employees, employers, works councils and managers
Short, concrete, precise.

Are you looking for a lawyer for labour law in Berlin?

As a lawyer, I support employees, works councils, companies and managers with my comprehensive expertise and representation in labour law.

Structure &


You need structure and reliability. Only then will trust develop. Labour law is my expertise, my speciality and my passion.

Living &


As an ambitious and passionate lawyer, I know that companies win with satisfied employees. Because the right job is the most important thing in a person’s life.


Value added

I will find optimal and sophisticated strategies for you, implement them in processes and put them into practice. The goal is measurable added value.

Language of


Jurisprudence is a language of diplomacy. That’s why I bring employers and employees together.

Please do not rush!

Gut feeling first

How does a lawyer define his expertise in labour law? A list of successful case law? Reviews from hundreds of clients? Mentioning big names and small prizes?

01. Getting to the point

They want clear announcements, understandable explanations and structured messages. And above all, someone who really stands up for them. Right?

02. Listen to your gut

It’s the gut that says “yes“ first. Or “No.“ Even when looking for a lawyer.

03. Pay attention to the differences

The big challenge for us lawyers is to convey our distinctiveness. How do I differ from other lawyers?

Personnel Consultancy

In cooperation with the personnel service provider Elnet Group, I am able to help you find a better job or find a suitable employee.


Many problems cannot be solved legally alone. Sometimes advice from other people is much more helpful. I have found that contact and discussions with many people with a wide range of professional, voluntary or private experience are very valuable. That is why I am involved in various networks.

Concrete. Precise.


Allow me to come straight to the point: I am a lawyer specialising in labour law in Berlin. But enough about me. What can I do for you?

Labour judge

I worked for many years as a labor judge in Berlin. During this time, I became familiar with various legal disputes in the workplace and decided them. I not only know the perspective of employees and employers, but also that of the judges at the labor court.

Works council training

I have trained works councils throughout Germany in individual employment law and works constitution law. In doing so, I got to know the situation of works councils in small and large companies.

State Secretary

Effective and efficient – turning an idea into a job. Through my work in the Berlin administration as a city councillor and state secretary, I have gained proven and eloquent experience in the management of employees, but also in the creation of a personnel development concept.

Employment agency

I was active on the supervisory boards of a job center, an employment agency and the Federal Employment Agency and know the conditions that are necessary to receive support from them.

Network & Member

Networks & other activities


Economic Forum Expert Committee on Economics, Labor and Technology Federal Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


Deutscher Arbeitsgerichtsverband Berliner Freundes- und Förderkreis Arbeitsrecht – Gestern-Heute-Morgen Deutscher Juristinnenbund


Social Democratic Party of Germany Social Democratic Community for Local Politics – SGK

Society & Culture

Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di Arbeiterwohlfahrt – AWO Diakonie-Hospiz Wannsee Max-Liebermann-Gesellschaft Berlin e.V.


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